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Grisaille (pronounced "griz-eye") is a painting style that uses only gray tones to create a classic artwork.   Add color with pure color glazes

Linda Coulter teaches art workshops and art seminars and Private Instruction and she publishes Art Instruction DVDs, Art Courses, Project Instruction Packets, etc. 

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DVD Art Workshops









DVD Art Workshops with Linda Coulter

Painting demonstrations presented on DVD

Traceable patterns, reference photographs,

Written instruction, color charts, etc.


Stone Garden Gate

From DVD # 1 you'll learn how to paint a garden gate with misty background, stone steps, curving stone pathway, and garden flowers with Linda Coulter's grisaille techniques.

From DVD # 2 you  will learn how to paint garden flowers in full color to finish this beautiful design. 

Color instruction packet also comes with this package to guide your way with color application. 

You can add flowers and colors of your choice to customize this design using the Master Color Mix Chart.

You'll receive a CD containing a traceable pattern, graytone chart, canvas prepping instruction, color chart, and reference photographs. 

Retail Price:  $45     




Balcony Window Workshop

The Balcony Window DVD teaches a wide variety of painting tips and techniques.  You will learn how to use Italian texture paste to create a stucco style textured wall.  You'll learn an easy way to capture the rhythm of cascading flowers and an easy way to paint a graceful curved balcony.  Creating a radiant sunbeam is easy with Linda's special technique.

Learn how to check accuracy for perspective when painting a window.

Learn Chiaroscuro techniques, that is how to manipulate light and dark values to create dimensional form.

Discover an easy technique to capture the natural rhythm of cascading foliage.

Learn an easy way to paint curved wrought iron balcony and keep it in perfect perspective.

You'll learn several valuable ways to blend wet colors.

Learn how to integrate color complements into one design to create color harmony.

Learn how to create a radiant sunbeam using Linda's velatura technique.

Learn how to create subtle transitions in value and color.

Learn a fast and simple way to paint gossamer curtains in a window

Learn an easy technique to create the illusion of realistic cracks on a textured wall.

Create how to create brilliant luminosity by playing transparent shadows against opaque highlights

Learn how to achieve a delicate balance between warm and cool colors.

You'll receive a CD containing reference photographs of the Balcony Window, a traceable pattern, graytone chart, canvas prepping instructions, a color chart with over 200 color mixes to enable you to paint your balcony window in colors to harmonize with your home decor.  Retail price:  $45



Oak Country Lane

This is a simple yet very educational DVD Art Workshop.  You'll sit beside Linda as she paints this scene and explains every step along the way.

First, it's painted in grisaille to create 3 dimensional form and establish light and shade.  Then a lengthy discussion about color harmony where Linda explains many aspects of how to choose, organize and master the color application over grisaille.

Next comes the Pure Color Glazing painting demonstrations as you sit and watch closely while Linda explains every step she is doing and why so you will understand her thought process while painting.

After the colors of atmosphere are in place, then it's a short journey with "local colors" to complete the project.

Then each element is finished, one by one, starting with the distant trees and hillside where the goal is to keep the trees nestled in the misty atmosphere where they belong.  The road is deeply rutted where wagon wheels have rolled down the lane for many years.  Little tufts of grass grow randomly between the ruts and the sunlight dances across the contour of the path creating interest and realism.  Then comes the huge oak tree with twisted trunk and sprawling limbs.  You'll watch as this scene comes together in front of your eyes. 

In this Art Workshop in a Box you'll receive 2 art education DVDs so you can watch every brushstroke Linda applies to canvas as she explains why and how she does everything.  You'll also receive a CD containing traceable pattern in 2 sizes,  richly illustrated written instructions with step by step photographs, a lesson about canvas preparation, graytone mixing instructions and how to lay out the grisaille palette, color mixing chart. This is a wonderful Art Workshop that you won't want to miss!   Retail Price:  $45   



Mountain Meadow

Vast depth of field is achieved in this beautiful scene, from the far distant hazy mountains to the oak-covered hillside, and then coming forward, the golden grassy fields and the big shade tree in the foreground.  You'll enjoy this journey with paint and brush as you learn many valuable painting techniques and concepts. 

This Art Workshop in a Box comes complete with painting demonstrations filmed from start to finish where Linda shows you the techniques and brushwork, and she explains why and how she is doing everything as you are watching the painting demonstrations. You'll watch her create the grisaille art work first, then apply pure color glazes to add the color, and finish with opaque color accents. 

Also included is a CD with richly illustrated written instructions, including step by step photographs, graytone chart with mixing instructions, canvas prep instructions, Color Chart, and traceable pattern.   Retail Price:  $45    









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