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Grisaille (pronounced "griz-eye") is a painting style that uses only gray tones to create a classic artwork.   Add color with pure color glazes

Linda Coulter teaches art workshops and art seminars and Private Instruction and she publishes Art Instruction DVDs, Art Courses, Project Instruction Packets, etc. 

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Floral Gardens










Art Workshops with Linda Coulter

Painting demonstrations presented on DVD

Traceable patterns, reference photographs,

Written instruction, color charts, etc.


Peaceful Garden DVD Art Workshop

This charming scene was created by Linda Coulter from her original photograph of a stone footbridge found in Rhode Island.  You'll notice by comparing the two that Linda has arched the bridge a bit more than the original and she has enhanced the gently flowing stream beneath the bridge to enable facilitate a gentle curve and the possibility of reflecting the stonework from the bridge and also the shimmering lights.  She added four lanterns, on on each cornerstone, to bring a lifelike quality to the scene. These simple changes were made to create a romantic quality in the art work.

In this Art Workshop in a Box, you'll learn how to romanticize a scene with color, atmosphere and light. Discover Linda's easy way of creating soft misty atmosphere to provide a romantic ambience in the landscape. You'll receive the technique DVD plus a CD containing a traceable pattern, reference photographs, written instructions, gray tone chart, how to set up a gray tone palette, canvas prepping instructions and the Master Color Mix Chart which enables you to paint your garden in your favorite colors or to coordinate with your home decor.  Retail:  $45                    


Picket Garden

This garden will charm your heart and excite you as you learn easy ways to paint pristine white pickets in your garden scenes. Linda teaches two different methods, using simple tools.   Perhaps the best part of this DVD art workshop is learning how to "romanticize" your garden with soft gentle atmosphere that envelopes the fence in the distance to provide contrast to the crisp picket fence in the foreground with draped foliage.  You'll learn a very easy way to paint stone and keep it in perspective. Painting hydrangeas and other flowers are featured in this DVD art workshop, and a 2nd DVD teaches how to paint additional kinds of garden flowers. The 3rd DVD teaches valuable lessons in how to make slight adjustments in color value, temperature and intensity to keep color in perfect balance.

Included in this DVD art workshop is a CD containing a traceable pattern, reference photographs, written instructions, color chart, graytone chart, canvas prepping instructions. Retail Price: $45    



Nantucket Garden

This seaside garden scene is typical of Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, all romantic places to spend time in the summer months. You'll see a lighthouse on the distant shore and gentle waves rolling to shore. 

In this DVD art workshop you'll learn many wonderful painting techniques, such as an easy way to paint a stone wall, sunlit grasses, delicate flowering bushes, Adirondack chairs glistening in the summer sun and casting realistic shadows on the grassy lawn, soft gentle clouds drifting across the sky, distant trees and rolling waves.  Oh, there's so much to learn!

DVD # 1 demonstrates the grisaille painting process and DVD # 2 teaches you how to apply the color over the grisaille foundation. 

DVD # 2 demonstrates the color application process. 

And you'll receive a CD containing traceable patterns, reference photographs, grisaille palette instructions, canvas prepping instructions, and written instructions for the project. Retail Price:  $45        








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