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Project Instruction e-packets are delivered to you by email. 

Each packet includes:  traceable pattern(s), written instructions, project images, supply list, color chart.   

Step 1:  Paint the project in acrylic graytones.

Step 2:  Apply Pure Color Glazes over the grisaille, using either oil colors or bottled acrylic colors.

Glowing Candle Ornament e-packet - Product Image

Glowing Candle Ornament e-packet

 Price: $8.50
Lighted Forest e-packet - Product Image

Lighted Forest e-packet

 Price: $8.50
Home for Christmas e-packet - Product Image

Home for Christmas e-packet

 Price: $8.50
Tree in Woods e-packet - Product Image

Tree in Woods e-packet

 Price: $8.50
Sleigh Barn  e-packet - Product Image

Sleigh Barn e-packet

 Price: $8.50
Ready for a Sleigh Ride  e-packet - Product Image

Ready for a Sleigh Ride e-packet

 Price: $8.50
Cranberry House  e-packet - Product Image

Cranberry House e-packet

 Price: $8.50
Cape Sleigh  e-packet - Product Image

Cape Sleigh e-packet

 Price: $8.50
Betsy and the Birdie e-Packet - Product Image

Betsy and the Birdie e-Packet

 Price: $8.50
Kevin Skates e-Packet - Product Image

Kevin Skates e-Packet

 Price: $8.50



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