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Painting Children's Faces Home Study Class

Painting Children’s Faces is wonderful fun.  This Home Study Class offers you 5 delightful children to paint. 

You’ll receive 2 DVDs … “Grisaille with Sfumato” … “Brushes and Brushwork” … to get you started with the Grisaille/ Sfumato palette, blending techniques and helpful tips. (This is general information, not specific to these faces.)

You'll also receive a traceable pattern for each child's portrait, reference photos, a sketch to help you keep the eyes, nose and mouth aligned correctly, and a color chart if you wish to add Pure Color Glazes to your finished Sfumato Grisaille portraits. From the Drop Down Box you can select your preference for color glazes.  Oil Color Instruction or Bottled Acrylic Color Instruction. 

This Home Study Class is published in an e-book ... PDF file ... that can be viewed from your computer or any device that enables you to view a PDF file.  This PDF file e-book is delivered to you on a compact disc.  You can view it from the disk or download it to your computer. 

A PDF file enables you to print any single individual page, as you desire.  There is no need to print the entire e-book.   

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